White Dining Room Table DIY

DIY White Farmhouse Table Dining Room

 DIY White Farmhouse Table


DIY Whit farmhouse Table

It's no secret we are all about the details around here! Unfortunately, classic details can cost a pretty penny! If you're anything like me, you are looking to transform your existing pieces from super drab to oh so fab in a budget friendly way!

Here’s the story: When I moved into the house I started with minimal furniture. I created a list of essentials which included a table, because family meals are everything to me! I ended up finding this table at our local Good Will, leave a comment below if you want to know how much it was [it will blow your mind!]! Anyways, I got this gorgeous hard wood dining table home and it was perfect for our space! It fits 4 comfortably without the leaf and 8 with! As I started renovating the dining room, removing wall paper, taking out carpet, updating the built-ins, painting the walls, it was apparent that the table needed an upgrade too!

  1. I set up shop in the garage with a great room temperature environment [ideal for paint to dry], laying a tarp on the ground.
  2. I started by opening the table and sanding the entire thing down with super fine sand paper [you can do this by hand or with a hand held sander].
  3. After that, I dusted it off and used Valspar Premium Finish paint and primer – white spray paint.
  4. I sprayed the table and let it sit overnight. I continued with about 4 coats of paint, until it had my desired coverage!

Volia – it was that simple! A complete transformation! 

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DIY White Table

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