Party Planning Hacks

 Party Planning Hacks

Party Planning Hacks


It’s spring and my house is filled with guests every weekend! I like to plan ahead and stock up on paper plates, utensils, serving dishes and napkins throughout the year. I find hosting is so much easier with a few great party planning tips and tricks. If I see something while traveling or on a regular shopping trip I purchase it and then store it away for when I need it. Party planning or even having a small dinner party can be so much fun, as long as you’re going about it the right way! Make like a Girl Scout / Boy Scout and “be prepared”!

  • Match your dishes… I mean all of them! Stay consistent when buying through color or pattern; your food spread will not only be delicious but also, beautiful and will save you the headache of trying to find matching dishes last minute. For example, my platters, bowls, serving trays and everyday dining set are all white. This enables me the ability to add a pop of color or pattern during holidays – white matches everything!

Matching Dish Ideas: White Platter / Serving Tray

  • Lay everything out. The night before every party, lay out dishes with a sticky note labeled with what it will be serving paired with coordinating utensils. This will give you a great idea how much space you need for prepared food. It also eliminates the hectic day of scrambling to find the right bowl for your pasta salad.

Table Setting Ideas: Buffet or Seated Dinner 

  • Use organic + biodegradable goods – this makes for an environmentally friendly and easily cleaned up party! Many people have food restrictions, as the hostess you can respect that, it’s the safest bet to label things such as Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Contains Nuts… etc.

Vegan Dessert Ideas: Soft Baked Cookies / Freeze Dried Pineapple / Birthday Cake Cookies


As important as it is to prepare, it’s also equally as important that you have fun too! Implement these party planning tips before your event! Easy preparations and clean up make a party so much more enjoyable for the hostess! Remember your guests are there to see you! 

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