Local Love TEA-RRIFIC Ice Cream



When creating quotes for the North Detail Spring collection, I immediately connected with “Ice cream for breakfast & pancakes for dinner.” In our home growing up meal time was family time; we ate dinner together every night at the dinner table. I remember thinking how much fun it was to mix up meal time - eating breakfast for dinner. Another staple was make your own sundaes for dinner; these sporadic treats make meaningful memories!  

When I was introduced to Tea – rrific Ice Cream, a Connecticut company, I was pleased to learn that their ice cream is made with some of the finest, most natural ingredients, excluding unnecessary gums, preservatives, stabilizers or artificial colors. Tea-rrific gets its name because each flavor incorporates an all-natural blend of tea [YUM, it was hard to choose but, Chunky London Mist is the favorite]! This brought back memories of time with my family and the importance of eating well and living well! As I continue traditions in my home with my family and friends I look to serve local, intentionally pure food products!

I am absolutely team Tea-rrific and my Mother's Day guests will be enjoying every flavor courtesy of Tea-rrific!! 

Tea-rrific Ice Cream can be found in locations all over Connecticut, New York and New Jersey and also online

A few local spots that carry the goods:

  • Whole Foods [both West Hartford, CT locations!]
  • Mystic Organics and More [Mystic, CT]


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