Farmhouse Lighting Ideas

farmhouse lighting ideas


Lighting is vital to any space you can use farmhouse lighting dining room or farmhouse lighting for kitchen. A great way to achieve that industrial lighting look is to use farmhouse lighting Different styles and light sources are essential so you can see the yummy dinner you cooked, the pretty faces of your babes sitting next to you or enjoy a good book. It is suggested that each room has multiple sources of lighting. 

Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting is the light source that already exists in the scene, a source that casts light upon a whole room. Ambient lighting would come from recessed lighting, mounted lights, or natural light from outdoors.

Task Lighting: Task lighting is added lighting; just as it sounds, this type of lighting is for things such as cooking, reading, working or putting on makeup. This lighting will give you the brightness you need to see the details in what you are doing. Task lighting comes in the form of desk lamps, floor lamps, under-cabinet lights or pendant lights. 

Accent Lighting: Accent light is known for its dramatic effect. Used as a spot light type source, accent lighting is typically mounted or on tracks and is perfect for drawing the eye to a certain place in a room, such as artwork, a hanging picture, an accent wall or a beautiful plant.

My favorite industrial farmhouse inspired floor lamp, chandelier, farmhouse lighting pendant and wall mounted lighting fixtures are linked below. 

All the options below are affordable farmhouse lighting!

1.     Rustic Barn Metal Chandelier:

2.     Vintage Semi-Flush Mount:

3.      Pulley Floor Lamp: [similar style]

4.    Vintage Metal Shade Industrial:

5.      Swing Arm Wall Sconce:

6.     Vintage Edison Pendant:

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