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fall decor

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fall decorfall decor

It's no secret I'm a HUGE fan of fall! If fall were to have a cheerleading team, I'd be captain. There's something so fresh about the air, it gives off the warmest feeling, not in temperature but a feeling for the soul! 

This year seems a bit different for me as I finally feel settled in a space that's all mine! SO much has changed for Ruby + me in the past year - my sister had a baby, we moved, and my best friend is getting married - this is that they mean when they say "the good life" and we couldn't be happier to be where we are now! 

This is officially the first season I have decorated for in my new home! Typically I style my space with monochromatic decor - shades of gray and white - fall gives me the chance to add in some color! 

Within the timeline of fall decorating we have decorating for the season as a whole, Halloween decor and Thanksgiving decor. How do you decide what to style for – do you pick styles that match throughout or do you decorate differently for each holiday?!

I took a look at each theme individually and found consistency with patterns and colors:

Fall:  pumpkins, hay, scarecrows, farmhouse, wooden signs, scented candles, floral wreaths

  • Gold, white, green, orange, red, yellow, brown

Halloween: ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons, black candles

  • Black, orange, purple, gold, green

Thanksgiving: pumpkins, corn, floral and berry garlands, leaves

  • Gold, white, orange, brown, red

I decided to go with a black, white, orange and neutral metallic shades. I styled the house with pumpkins, signs and scented candles as my first layer – throughout the season I will add in smaller pieces that are more specific to each holiday! This design plan covers the bases for all fall trends while giving me the ability to keep the same décor out through the end of November! 

Hope you loved this little sneak peek! More to come! 

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