8 Reasons To Use Dish Towels


Dish towels are the be all end all at my house. I use them for everything; double them up to use as a trivet, wipe a spill or place on the bar cart as decor! I use dish towels to cover surfaces in my house because I do a lot of refinishing, staining and DIYing - I like to keep my wood and glass furnishings protected, in a fun way! 

  1. Using a dish towel under hot plates or wet objects protects your surface [bar cart, counter top, coffee table, accent stool, ect.]
  2. Each dish towel is adorned with a fun quote - making a great conversation starter! 
  3. Using a dish towel under anything including a cutting board or bottle of wine keeps objects from scratching your surface fabric of an ottoman or a chair.
  4. They are extra large to cover more surface area and can be used under a flower vase, bottle of wine or pitcher of water.
  5. Doubling up a dish towel works well in place of a coaster and it won't stick to the bottom of your glass!
  6. They are washable!! Use them, toss them in with the laundry on cold, hang to dry and they are as good as new! 
  7. They make a great gift - pair with a bottle of wine or box of tea for a housewarming party, birthday party or teacher gift!
  8. Dish towels are soft and super durable, no worries when the little ones are around, they can use them too!

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