6 Ways to Make Dinner Guests Feel Welcome

 Photos by: Lindsay Stanford Photography

Spring is just around the corner, it's the start of warm weather and a fun holiday season - Passover, Mother's Day and Father's Day are some of the most celebrated holidays. Read on to learn 6 fun ways to warmly welcome guests into your home like a  rock star hostess.

Party Planning Tip # 1: Prepare as much as possible ahead of time.

  • Keep it simple! Prep dishes, utensils, clean the house and make a designated space for coats and bags before your company arrives. On the day of utilize your oven and stove top as warming stations to keep dishes heated. 

Party Planning Tip # 2: As your guests arrive greet each individually with a handshake or hug.

  • As the hostess it should be your main priority to make your guests feel welcome in your home. Help them get settled in by offering to take their jacket, relieve them of any dishes they brought, and show them into the house and introduce them to any others they may not know. 

Party Planning Tip # 3: Once your guest is settled, offer a drink.

  • Have a drink station or tray filled with prepared drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. 

Party Planning Tip # 4: Create a cozy environment.

  • Set the scene for mingling by setting up an area with chairs. This area will give your guests a place to gather and chat while you welcome new guests and tend to other responsibilities. 

Party Planning Tip # 5: Prepare the guest bathroom.

  • Doll up your guest bathroom with a candle, fresh flowers and a clean hand towel. 

Party Planning Tip # 6: Make appetizers easily accessible. 

  • Most often your guests travel from near or far to get to your home. In the case that they have traveled far, they might be hungry before the meal is served, place a few appetizers near the sitting area for before meal munches. 

Implement these party planning tips to ensure your dinner party goes smoothly! Most importantly, remember your guests are there to have fun, you should be having fun too! Enjoy some relaxation, chatting and good laughs! 


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